The Swiss have been leading the way in watch making for the world and is home to some of the biggest names in the industry.

Antoni Patek and Adrien Philippe together created this highly acclaimed brand, the Patek Philippe and have made an indelible name in the history of watch making, which has lasted time and hopefully would last into the future too.

Patek Philippe stands out tall and proud as a watch maker who has turned out and presented to the connoisseurs who have an eye for quality, wrist watches that are the ultimate in time keeping, over the years.

Founded in the year 1851 the company has grown from strength to strength and is today one of the leading brands of watches manufactured in Switzerland.

If ever there was a wrist watch that would replace that famous and often quoted saying that is centuries old it would be the Patek Philippe 5980 -001 – Nautilus Men’s Rose Gold Watch.

PATEK PHILIPPE 5980R 001 Nautilus Men’s Rose Gold Watch

It would not be “Clothes maketh the Man” but “Patek Philippe 5980 – 001 – Nautilus Men’s Rose Gold Watch maketh the Man”.

It is a timeless beauty with a self winding caliber CH 28-520 C movement encased in an 18K rose gold casing 40.5 mm thick and a movement a 60 minute, 12 hour mono counter chronograph with the date to tell you where in itme you are, exactly.

Neatly wrapped around your wrist with an alligator skin strap in elegant black, the 55 hour reserve power keeps the wrist watch telling you the time, all the time when you would see it clearly indicated on the gold applied hour and minute hands.

The buckle that holds the watch firmly on your wrist is a masterpiece by itself as it is a Nautilus fold over, the best in the business which would keep your Patek Philippe 5980 -001 – Nautilus Men’s Rose Gold Watch close to you.

The luminescent coating on the two hands on top of the beautiful black and brown dial would keep you spellbound and lost with time which is the essence of everything in life.

The sapphire crystal back casing of the watch is the window that is tightly shut to keep dust and dirt by penetrating the into the watch’s automatic movement.

The back casing also keeps the water away whether you are in the swimming pool or 120 meters below the waves of the sea.

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