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COVERAGE: Your new Luxury Replica is warranted for two full year from the date of you received.

The warranty covers any and all parts of the watch that may need repair due to defects in materials or workmanship under normal use. Luxury Replica hereunder are limited to repair or replacement at its option. The warranty excludes the battery, strap and excessive wear or damage to the case, crystal or bracelet, and does not protect against water damage if the model is not marked water-resistant.

The tips below will ensure that you can continue to wear your watch for years to come -- while it still looks great.

1) The wrist watch in particular is really popular, many are highly collectible and valuable. In order to keep the watch in pristine condition you should make sure that you keep the strap in fine order. Heavy perspiration can causes dampness to affect the strap which will result in the natural oils being washed out which will eventually dry out the leather and cause the strap to deteriorate. So, if the strap comes into contact with any moisture you should blot it away and allow it to dry naturally. Any other dirt can be removed with a damp soft cloth - don't forget to let the watch dry naturally once it has been cleaned. To prevent the build up of moisture within the leather strap you should wear the watch loosely so that air can circulate and moisture can evaporate.

2) You should try to avoid exposing the watch to hot or cold conditions for a significant period of time -- this can shorten the life of the battery cell, cold temperatures can even cause time delay.

3) Over time the intricate gaskets and seals will deteriorate so you will need to drop your watch off at a specialist to carry out a service. They can also test the watch for water resistance to make sure that no leakages occur.

4) If the watch face or straps has any stains or waterspots you should remove this with a soft cloth to prevent blemishes.

The most important thing to remember is to take care of your watch whilst you are wearing it to extend its life as long as possible. Some Luxury Replica are very technologically advanced and will need extra care to ensure that you keep it working for years to come.

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