Tag heuer formula 1 David Guetta special edition is the watch you should have before end of the year. It really doesn’t matter as any misinformed person may tell you David Guetta’s era is fading; tell him or her that there’s no need for comparison when it comes to excellence, because even outside the music industry once you are recognized, then you are a hot cake already. David Guetta may not necessarily be a typical watch ambassador, but yet finds himself in the current Tag’s products line ups of array of stars to represent its new model of luxury and assorted watch. It was a good development when the Tag heuer CEO and president, Jean-Claude Biver announced that one of the world’s music icon is chosen to join the Swiss watch brand. It is important to know that, chosen David Guetta as the new ambassador for this awesome Swiss collection will not only add value to the product in the market, but will also make the company become more popular and expands its output in global market, the music star has already established himself in the entertainment and fashion industry selling over 35 million tracks worldwide and has been one of the most followed people in the history of social media. He will surely bring more successes and fortunes to this great company, considering the fact that he is the first Dj to established an electronic platform where audience across the world have the opportunity to listen to different taste of music.

Tag Heuer Formula 1 David Guetta Special Edition

The tag heuer formula 1 David Guetta’s special edition is a modified model of its predecessors designed to retain its blue and black amazing looks with a perfect GMT function that is suitable for day and night outings. It is important not to take this product for (may be) an office-friendly or sports watch; its striking aluminum bezel, amazing blue colored minutes hands, and it’s awesome black straps made up of great aged black calfskin that won’t go out of quality has the perfect color combination for clubbing and other nights out functions.

Another striking element of this great tag heuer luxury watch is the caliber of 7s GMT functions that allow easy use to keep track on second time zone (the blue hand inside indicates the second time zone) and helps you stay connected with friends and family especially if you are the type that travels a lot. The watch is designed with high quality, with its cuff strap made from aged black calfskin comes with amazing finishing that can gives you a cool day and night ambience. Its quality cannot be underestimated, as it has a watertight measure of 200m which will allow it survives comfortably in water.

Price and availability

The new tag heuer formula 1 David Guetta special edition is readily available but with limited numbers towards the end of the year 2015, and its price is valued around £1500.

In the end, the this type of luxury watch is one watch you should have – in fact, it is a must-have watch in 2015 if your aim is to see yourself wearing on assorted fashion materials, and will best suit your purpose for day and night.